Balai Palma’s appetizers is reason enough to secure a booking

Balai Palma, an artisan restaurant and kitchen for private dining spearheaded by du Gault et Millau-awarded chef Aaron Isip, is making its way to the hearts of food lovers in Makati’s Poblacion area.

Boasting of traditional Filipino-inspired food, the restaurant firmly establishes its identity and style.

Have you ever tried hors d’œuvres like these?

Upon closer look, here are the dishes that make up the roster.

Crispy Veal Sweetbreads in Lemongrass Brochette, Tomato-Galangal ‘Sriracha’

Crudo of Pacific Sea Bream, Dragonfruit Aguachile, Pomelo, Avocado & Pickled Red Onion

Live Mantis Shrimp, Santol/Cotton fruit Leche de Tigre, Cilantro, Prawn-tapioca Crackers

Crispy boneless Chicken Feet, Smoked Chicken Hearts, Chicken Skin Powder, Plum Gastrique

With appetizers like these, how can we hold out for the main dish?