‘What’s mine is mine’: Tessa Prieto splitting assets with Dennis Valdes following separation

Socialite Tessa Prieto is eyeing the separation of her assets from businessman Dennis Valdes after their 26-year marriage crumbled.

Prieto, known for her outrageous outfits in social events, confirmed her separation from Valdes on August 8 in a product launch.

She, however, said she’s not keen on going through the legal wringer to annul the marriage.

“It’s very long and very painful. So, I will see. Pause muna on that side,” Prieto said. “I’ll take care of my heart first. Let it flow lang muna.”

“No annulment, but separation of properties, wherein what’s his is his, what’s mine is mine,” she added.

Valdes and Prieto have four children, with ages ranging from 17 to 36 years old.

“Whatever, we eventually give it to the kids. I need to protect my kids,” Prieto said.

While Prieto still keeps her married surname on Instagram, she said she’s open to finding new love.

“Now, it’s like my time to explore. Exploration!,” she said. “I wanna be a cougar. I can end up with that!”