Taste Atlas audience ranks best Blue Cheese from France

Taste Atlas flipped the tables on their audience and asked them what they thought was the best French Blue Cheese available and the responses sparked some debate.

Based on the final lineup, the Rochebaron from Beauzac ranked first with 4.6 stars. It was followed by Fourme de Ambert which tied with Bleu d’ Auvergne, with 4.4 stars.

In third place were Beauzac’s Saint Agur and Veyron’s Bleu des Causses with 4.3 stars.

Because the ranking was determined by website users, some complained that their favorites were toppled by other choices.

There were also others who were looking for other popular options like Roquefort.

One thing’s for sure, sampling all of these delicious cheeses should be part of your itinerary on your next French tour.