All’s well that ends well: Viral Shakey’s plastic video resolved without anyone losing their jobs, Julius Babao shares

No one will be fired following the incident involving the viral plastic found in the pizza order of veteran news anchor Julius Babao from Shakey’s.

It can be recalled that the journalist expressed his dismay online when he discovered there was a layer of plastic that was cooked along with the dish.

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Shakey’s immediately reached out and apologized to Babao and said they would immediately investigate the matter.

In an update, Babao shared that Shakey’s president and CEO Victor Gregorio reached out to him through text and assured that the staff who prepared the order would not be terminated as they found that the deviation was not intentional.

The Shakey’s chief also clarified that the steps they took to address the issue raised would have been the same no matter who complained.

Finally, Gregorio thanked Babao for raising the issue even though it may have hurt the pizza chain’s brand as the group’s goal is to always deliver quality food and ensure the safety of customers.

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