Go girl! Maggie Wilson gets netizens’ sympathy after exposing Victor Consunji’s alleged affair

Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson continues to gain public sympathy amid her messy legal drama with estranged husband Victor Consunji.

Weeks after revealing the supposed attempt of Consunji’s men to enter her home, Wilson posted receipts detailing her husband’s alleged affair.

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In a series of Instagram stories, Wilson shared photos of entrepreneur Rachel Carrasco that allegedly show her romantic relationship with Consunji.

Wilson claimed the two have been having an affair since 2019, two years prior to Wilson and Consunji’s announcement of their separation. Carrasco is married to a foreigner named Ian Strudwick.

One of the incriminating photos shared by Wilson showed Consunji and Carrasco in a jovial mood on the day that the businessmen’s representatives allegedly tried to padlock his estranged wife’s home in Taguig.

“This was day 2 of no power and after the adultery charges were filed… ang saya nila. Must’ve been a really fun party!,” Wilson’s caption read. “If you think I’ve spilt the tea. Honey, I haven’t even began to boil the kettle yet.”

Consunji sued Wilson for adultery, alleging she had been sleeping with friend and rumored beau, Thai businessman Tim Connor.

Netizens are now siding with Wilson, it seems.

“Maggie Wilson is dragging her cheating ex husband through IG stories and I’m cheering her on. The audacity of the a**h*le to charge her for adultery when the breakup of their marriage was caused by him,” one Twitter user said.