Business unusual: Maggie Wilson reveals ties that bind Victor Consunji to alleged lover

Maggie Wilson isn’t done spilling the tea on the alleged affair of her estranged husband, Victor Consunji, as their legal battle continues to heat up.

The former Miss World Philippines put the spotlight on Consunji’s alleged new girlfriend, Rachel Carrasco, who brands herself as an entrepreneur and marketing guru.

Maggie Wilson exposes Victor Consunji’s alleged new flame

Wilson revealed that Carrasco used to be part of Consunji’s staff at Victor Consunji Development Corp.

The former beauty queen even shared photos of them together, first as colleagues then later on as supposed lovers. The three of them even had a photo together on a night out, where Carrasco was seated across from the lovey-dovey couple back in 2010 over dinner.

Go girl! Maggie Wilson gets netizens’ sympathy after exposing Victor Consunji’s alleged affair

“She never really left the picture,” Wilson said in an Instagram story posted Tuesday (August 9).

Carrasco has at least two startups to her name: an all-bacon food brand called Baken, and the Rio canned cocktail.

Maggie Wilson denies going to Barcelona with Tim Connor when she was still with Victor Consunji

She is putting together her own marketing consulting agency called Rache following a previous stint as marketing executive for Dom Perignon champagne based in Singapore.

Is Victor Consunji dating again?

Carrasco’s photos dating back 2017 showed her with a foreigner husband named Ian Strudwick, but he has not made an appearance in her feed since January 2020.

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