Maggie Wilson exposes Victor Consunji’s alleged new flame

Former beauty queen Maggie Wilson won’t be silenced by a gag order.

Maggie Wilson denies going to Barcelona with Tim Connor when she was still with Victor Consunji

Maggie took to Instagram to expose husband Victor Consunji’s alleged extra-curricular activities which might have started as early as 2019 based on her account.

No basis to leave: Maggie Wilson scores TRO vs Victor Consunji for ‘illegal’ house raid

The Miss World Philippines 2007 shared photos of Vic with another woman, entrepreneur Rachel Carrasco holding hands while walking in a shopping mall, having a meal and getting cozy. Some of the photos were sent to Maggie by eagle-eyed netizens.

Maggie Wilson thinks Victor Consunji’s adultery case is his ‘bargaining suit’ to get what he wants

Is Victor Consunji dating again?

According to Maggie, Vic and Rachel had been spotted multiple times, both here and abroad.

“In 2019, a woman (one of) despite her being married at the time, I found was taking “trips” and checking in at various hotels with him, without my knowledge. She has recently been posting in our “conjugal” home, living her best life! Despite this, I have been accused of adultery and issued an arrest warrant,” Maggie said.

‘I refuse to be bashed around’: Maggie Wilson won’t move out of condo owned by ex Victor Consunji despite living on generator

She shared a screenshot of Carrasco’s post working out at Vic and Maggie’s “conjugal” home. To confirm it, she shared her own workout photos with the same background.

Naghiwalay lang, binaboy at binully na? Divina Law says Vic Consunji can’t use ‘personal issues’ to stomp on Maggie Wilson’s honor, dignity

“Many people again may ask why I am so public, I find that a lot of women and men in the Philippines may tolerate or deem this kind of BS acceptable but I won’t! I have tried to settle things amicably and privately despite the issues I’ve faced but it’s fallen on deaf ears and instead various legal cases have been filed against me?,” Maggie said.

Legally tied: Victor Consunji sues estranged wife Maggie Wilson for adultery

‘Very real threat’: Maggie Wilson accuses ex-hubby Victor Consunji of harassment after DMCI staff raid home

“I’ve always believed in happiness (even now) for him and I, even if its not with me. I kept quiet for years and never wanted it to drag anyone else into this but here I am, left with no choice. I’m sorry to the people close to you that may not know but I would’ve hoped you saw some sense and told him not to do something so ridiculous,” she added.

‘I am scared for mine and my family’s life’: Maggie Wilson cries harassment after Consunji-led firm official enters her home without a warrant and tries to seize the property

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