E-sabong 2.0? NTC urged to go after Bingo Plus over spam texts

A group has asked the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to hold electronic gambling firm Bingo Plus accountable for sending text blasts that entice mobile users to bet on their platform.

Digital Pinoys said Bingo Plus could also be held liable for violations of the Data Privacy Act.

In a statement, the group questioned how the online gaming business was able to obtain cell phone numbers of thousands or even millions of Filipinos.

“We are raising the alarm on this matter as we are gravely concerned with the possible effects to those who will be enticed to play, as we have seen to those who were hooked on to e-sabong before,” Digital Pinoys national campaigner Ronald Gustilo said.

“We fear that by allowing these messages to proliferate, we are giving it access to all. We are worried that even minors might be enticed to join,” he added.

Apart from shady job offers, mobile users are often bombarded with daily text messages dangling a huge jackpot prize from online games. The text link connects to Bingo Plus’ betting portal.

“If Bingo Plus violated the Data Privacy Act and other laws, the NTC should file appropriate charges against AB leisure to show that text spamming is not being tolerated by the good Commission. So many people have been complaining about spam messages and it is high time that the government acts on it.”