P42 for extra rice okay ka lang? Netizen cites double standard amid P26K food bill in Bohol

Netizens expressed their shock over the exorbitant bill shared by a tourist from Virgin Islands in Bohol amounting to P26,000 for the seafood paluto while they were enjoying their time on the island.

The post quickly went viral as netizens shared their dismay over the alleged overpricing of seafood.

However, one netizen tweeted a different perspective and said that what’s more scary is the fact that while the same Pinoys are bashing the tourism operator for charging 13 people with a P2,000 bill each, they have already easily accepted that the price of extra rice in fast food chains are now P42 which is more expensive than a kilo of uncooked rice.

Vilma Uy, the tourist complainant, clarified that it was not her intent to destroy the local businesses in Bohol when she made the post. Instead, she said that she only wanted to raise awareness about the issue.