‘Maid in Malacanang’ wowing on opening day, wallops anti-Marcos film ‘Katips’

Controversial film “Maid In Malacanang”, which tells the story of the last 72 hours of the Marcoses in Malacanang before fleeing to Hawaii, opened strongly at the box office, trouncing competition, Katips.

A source from the movie industry said Maid in Malacanang is being shown in 159 movie theaters nationwide compared
to only 97 for Katips.

According to the source, Maid in Malacanang is estimated to have drawn in 60 times more moviegoers than Katips on opening day.

Both films offered clashing views on the country’s history under the presidency of deposed Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Fans of both movies, however, claimed they won the box-office slugfest on social media.

But the source said that based on revenues, Maid in Malacanang was the clear winner on their first day of showing in cinemas.

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