Ayalas set to launch next-gen fiber-to-the-room technology

As broadband has become a digital lifeline for families confined to their homes amid the pandemic, Globe is ready to set another benchmark in smart networking technology.

Globe is set to roll out fiber-to-the-room technology after successfully conducting all of the necessary network, operational and technical tests.

The introduction of the new solution is in line with Globe’s strategic plan to enhance the efficiency of its network in order to provide customers a one-of-a-kind experience with a reliable high speed.

“The introduction of FTTR will further elevate their digital lifestyle at home,” said Janis Racpan, head of Globe At Home Brand Management.

FTTR is the first choice for digital transformation in homes, providing extremely fast and ultra seamless WiFi connection with exceptionally low latency. It has speed and coverage 10 times the traditional WiFi network and capacity to handle up to 128 device connections.

it will help customers maximize WiFi signals and avoid dead spots in large spaces, houses and buildings with thick multiple concrete walls and floors, and too many connected devices.

FTTR extends fiber to every room and enables gigabit WiFi 6 coverage to create a brand-new digital experience.