Popular Baguio restaurant gets shoutout from netizens for kindness amid tragedy

After a powerful earthquake hit the northern Philippines, popular Baguio restaurant Good Taste proved that doing business is not just about gaining profit.

Responding to the needs of the hungry, the restaurant yesterday gave free food to people who were stranded in the city.

The event was shared by netizens Laarni Ilagan and Ne Ay Capilis on social media. Netizens were quick to respond with positive messages, tags and shares.

The restaurant was lauded for its generosity in the face of tragedy which affected thousands of households in the north.

Netizens also praised the owners of the establishment for not posting about giving free food, which some said was evidence that it was not a publicity stunt.

However, to ensure the safety of its customers and staff in the aftermath of the earthquake, the restaurant will remain temporarily closed.

Good Taste recently became even more popular in Baguio when it introduced its first robot server to its customers.

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