P150M road-raising project to prevent flooding along SCTEX now halfway done – NLEX

NLEX Corp. announced that its P150-million road raising project aimed at mitigating the risk of flooding in a 640-meter stretch of SCTEX Dinalupihan is now halfway through, and will be completed within this quarter.

The project includes the construction of new pavement on top of the existing one and addition of new culverts or drainage structures.

Parts of the road are being raised as high as two meters to mitigate flooding in the area, thus, ensuring safe passage of motorists.

The project will enable the infrastructure to be more resilient and further sustain severe weather events once completed this third quarter.

“We are always on the lookout for solutions that can help improve the reliability and safety of our roads and other structures. By elevating this portion of SCTEX, motorists can expect to traverse a safer and more accessible route especially during inclement weather conditions,” NLEX president Luigi Bautista said.

Various infrastructure improvement works are currently being undertaken by NLEX in all its expressways, such as upkeep of interchange bridges and overpasses, upgrading of pavement, and major safety upgrade of Candaba Viaduct southbound and Pasig-Potrero bridge.

Toll system enhancement projects are also underway in select NLEX-SCTEX toll plazas.

Armed client holds bank staff hostage to access savings

An armed customer threatening to set himself ablaze held bank workers hostage throughout the day Thursday in Lebanon’s capital, demanding to withdraw his trapped savings to pay hospital fees, security sources and a family member said.