Way to go! Winnie Monsod backs Marcos’ nuclear power push

Former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Winnie Monsod may be a staunch critic of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., but even she acknowledges that the Chief Executive’s push for nuclear power is right on the dot.

Monsod told One News’ “The Chiefs” that she is keen on using the Bataan nuclear power plant now as she was in favor decades ago.

“I’m glad he’s actually thinking of bringing nuclear power, because that’s the way to go,” said Monsod, whose husband, Christian, filed a disqualification case against the President ahead of the 2022 elections.

“There are so many objections to it, etc, but if that can go, that would be very good,” she added. “People hate me for being open to it but even in 1986, when we were thinking about the power plant, I said, as long as the safety features are there, we should continue with it, because that is a real waste.”

Monsod explained that the mothballed facility cost P1 billion to build before, and would now cost P7-8 billion to construct a new one.

“We have been paying for that power plant until 2005 and nothing has happened out of it. Let’s hope that we can get something out of it,” she added. “We’re going to shoot ourselves in the foot if we don’t use it if it is indeed usable. And apparently Korea which has an identical power plant like it, has been using that power plant since the 1980s and has decided to use it some more. So there’s light in that plan.”