Netizens weigh in on Marcos Jr’s digital tax plan: Pay P203B estate tax first!

Several netizens challenged President Bongbong Marcos to do his part in raising the government’s tax collections just as he announced the plan to tax online transactions and digital services to collect P11.7 billion yearly.

While there’s much agreement on most of Marcos’ priority areas, Filipinos are divided on the topic of digital tax — especially online sellers who have now made it their source of livelihood.

Don’t fry small fish! Marcos urged to pursue tax delinquents instead of taxing online sellers

“11 Billion Pesos is such a miniscule amount compared to tax due from him alone,” Facebook user Bob Mahadali said. “Such tax or any other new tax impositions may not be necessary if only he would pay the 203 Billion Pesos he owes in estate taxes for being the administrator of his father’s wealth. Tsk tsk.”

They are referring to the tax liabilities of Marcos Jr and his family as heirs of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, Sr., who passed on his wealth in the billions of pesos when he died. Bulk of the amount are said to be stolen and ill-gotten wealth from public coffers.

Others have different complaints about tax payments.

Hive ransomware: modern, efficient business model

The US Justice Department’s shutdown Thursday of the Hive ransomware operation — which extorted some $100 million from more than 1,500 victims worldwide — highlights how hacking has become an ultra-efficient, specialized industry that can allow anyone to become a cyber-shakedown artist.

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