Ernest Cu pushes for broadband-ready homes

Globe Telecom Inc. is pushing for greater adoption of built-in broadband connectivity in new home construction across the country.

With telco service now regarded as a necessity similar to power and water, Isabela 6th District Rep. Faustino Dy has vowed to push for the bill that aims to require real estate firms to allot space in their developments for telco and other ICT infrastructure.

The bill is planned to be refiled in the 19th Congress.

Michelle Ora, Globe head of Site Lifecycle Management Services, said internet connectivity should be a fundamental provision at home.

“We need to treat connectivity like any other utility. We’d like to persuade all other property developers to change their mindset and see the importance of connectivity,” Ora said.

“We are glad that more developers are signing up with us to turn this into reality. We believe this is what customers need,” she added.

Globe has fitted out almost 100,000 units with built-in broadband across almost 200 developments to date.

These make connectivity instantly available to owners and tenants.

Globe president and CEO Ernest Cu said connectivity is a basic requirement of buyers that can be a differentiator for the property business.

“What we envision is when a customer steps into a property, he is ready to connect just like electricity and water are readily available. And it’s great we’ve gotten this far in terms of our partnerships, because like Globe, they are also customer-centric. We are no longer just talking to a blank wall,” Cu said.

“We’ve spoken to many blank walls in the past. Today I’m glad these guys are blazing the trail,” he added.