Maggie Wilson thinks Victor Consunji’s adultery case is his ‘bargaining suit’ to get what he wants

She’s not an isolated case.

While every situation is different, Maggie Wilson shared an excerpt from a report of the Philippine Commission on Women, most likely relating to other Filipino women who have gone through what she is going through at the moment.


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Last June, Victor Consunji filed an adultery case against Maggie and rumored boyfriend Tim Connor.

Apparently, other Filipinas have also experienced this and Gabriela’ Women’s Party hopes to address this through a bill.

According to the proposed measure, the former husband will use the adultery card against his former wife as a “bargaining suit” to get the woman to cooperate with what he wants. This will eventually be dismissed and be used by the former husband as a constant threat against their estranged wives.

It’s not easy for the wife to answer back because standards set by the law have made it extremely difficult to prove adultery. Women in this predicament are even sometimes forced to let go of custody over their children and give up conjugal properties, etc.

Well, Maggie won’t let this rest without justice being served to her and her peace of mind restored.