‘I refuse to be bashed around’: Maggie Wilson won’t move out of condo owned by ex Victor Consunji despite living on generator

Former Miss World Philippines Maggie Wilson would rather that her sister and cousin survive on a generator instead of moving out of a condominium unit developed by her estranged husband, bilyonaryo Victor Consunji.

Naghiwalay lang, binaboy at binully na? Divina Law says Vic Consunji can’t use ‘personal issues’ to stomp on Maggie Wilson’s honor, dignity

In a series of Instagram stories posted Sunday (July 17), Wilson said she was “ready to fight” after power was cut off from the condominium unit currently occupied by her relatives in Taguig.

The former beauty queen earlier claimed she was being harassed after officials of the Consunji-owned VCDC and DMCI allegedly entered the property “illegally.”

Legally tied: Victor Consunji sues estranged wife Maggie Wilson for adultery

“3 days and counting no electricity!” Wilson said, adding that the ordeal has left her “drained emotionally, physically and mentally.”

Despite the lack of electricity, the former beauty queen said she refuses to move her relatives out of the condominium unit “on principle.”

‘Very real threat’: Maggie Wilson accuses ex-hubby Victor Consunji of harassment after DMCI staff raid home

“If you’re wondering why my family and staff will not move out of the property dispite (sic) them restricting my rights and electricity this is still conjugal property,” she said.

“On principle, I/we my sister and I refuse to be bashed around like a lot of other women in the Philippines,” Wilson said.

‘I am scared for mine and my family’s life’: Maggie Wilson cries harassment after Consunji-led firm official enters her home without a warrant and tries to seize the property

Consunji’s estranged wife then shared that she just finished a three-hour meeting with her lawyers from the top-ranked Divina Law.

“I am ready to fight,” Wilson said.

Consunji has filed adultery charges against Wilson and her rumored boyfriend, Thai-British businessman Tim Connor

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