‘I am scared for mine and my family’s life’: Maggie Wilson cries harassment after Consunji-led firm official enters her home without a warrant and tries to seize the property

Maggie Wilson is not letting this issue go without being noticed.

She shared a six-minute video showing what happened at her residence at about 4pm yesterday (July 15) while she was away on a business trip.

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Maggie now fears for the life of her family, loved ones, and herself.

In the video, she shared that Bernie Mendoza, Vice President for Construction at VConsunji Design and Construction along with barangay tanod officials of Taguig illegally entered her home.

Upon entering, they took videos of Maggie’s personal belongings while claiming that the property was owned by DMCI. There was no notice, warrant, or proper paperwork, according to Maggie, who was clearly enraged by the incident.

On multiple occasions, Maggie has already said that she had a contract under her name and was even signed by Bernie himself.

“Luckily, I was not in the property at that time…Unfortunately, my sister and five-year-old cousin and members of my household staff were subjected to harassment and intimidation,” she said.

“I plead with you and the online community to help me raise awareness that this kind of human rights’ harassment happens in the Philippines, especially to women, day in and day out,” Maggie urged everyone to rally behind her.