Imee Marcos backs up actress Ella Cruz in “History is like chismis” comment

They’re not backing down.

After the backlash from social media and the academic community, particularly historians, Senator Imee Marcos had a chat with actress Ella Cruz about her statement on likening history to tsismis (gossip).

Ella didn’t apologize for her comment that many in social media said were “stupid.” She remained firm in his position and said that history is chismis that has been proven by evidence and research.

Marcos agreed and reiterated that it’s backed up by methodology, analysis, and proof. She believes that history is opinionated because it’s an interpretation of what the historians chose to say to the people.

The senator went on quoting famous literary figures including Oscar Wilde who once said, “History is merely gossip.”

The academic community answered back, specifically renowned and awarded historian Ambeth Ocampo, who firmly said, “History is NOT chismis.”

“It is pushing back against the systematic erosion of public trust in Historians, History, and Truth by fake news and disinformation,” he wrote, saying that the discussion has begun to smart-shame intellectuals, scholars, professionals, and journalists alike.