Chameleon Award: Manolo Quezon throws shade at JoeyCon for seamless shift from Digong to Bongbong

RFM Corp. president and CEO Joey Concepcion is one of the few bilyonaryos who have been able to effortlessly jump from one administration to another.

For the last six years, Concepcion served as presidential adviser for entrepreneurship under the Duterte administration (where his protego Ramon Lopez also worked as Trade Secretary).

Under the new administration, Concepcion has been appointed as a member (focusing on jabs and jobs) of the Private Sector Advisory Council led by bilyonaryo Sabin Aboitiz.

Columnist Manolo Quezon III, a former press undersecretary during the PNoy administration, didn’t give Concepcion a pass on his “balimbing” move (President Rodrigo Duterte didn’t endorse Marcos in the 2022 polls even though he ran with his daughter, Vice President Sara Duterte).

“Now and Then. Best in Chameleon Award has to go to Joey Concepcion though,” said Quezon on Twitter.

By the way, Concepcion’s father, RFM Chairman Joecon Concepcion, served as Trade Secretary in the administration of the late President Cory Aquino who ousted Marcos’ father in 1986.