‘Unmeltable’ ice cream goes viral; baffles internet for withstanding heat of lighters and blowtorches

A Chinese competitor of Magnum and Haagen Daaz in China is literally under fire after going viral because it would not melt.

Some variants of the ice cream, Chicecream were seen in several videos withstanding direct exposure to lighters and even blowtorches, baffling netizens as to the safety of its contents.

Some were worried about its ingredients since it was so unnatural for ice cream not to melt, speculating on the use of harmful substances to keep the product intact for a long time.

In its statement on Weibo, the company maintained its compliance to safety standards.

“We believe that it is not scientific to judge the quality of ice cream by baking, drying or heating ice cream,” Chicecream said in a Weibo post.

In an interview with the AFP, Wang Silu, a senior national food inspector, also said the products used to thicken the ice cream were safe.