Lotilla is Marcos’ personal choice: Cruz-Angeles says Malacanang still clarifying whether Aboitiz, Ayala director is eligible for DOE post

Press Secretary Trixie Cruz-Angeles clarified that Abogado Raphael Lotilla has not yet been formally appointed Energy Secretary pending further review on whether he is eligible for the top post.

Will Popo Lotilla make a return to DOE? Aboitiz Power director added to Marcos’ list of Energy Secretary nominees

“The designation of Atty. Raphael Perpetuo Lotilla, is right now a nomination, pending clarification of his employment status. (He is) President Ferdinand Marcos Jr’s personal choice to head the DOE,” said Cruz-Angeles in a statement just hours after Malacanang announced Lotilla’s appointment.

Lotilla, a former Energy Secretary during the Arroyo administration, is currently an independent director of Aboitiz Power and ACE Enexor of the Ayala group.

Veteran move: Gloria Arroyo’s Energy chief Popo Lotilla to head DOE under Marcos

Sec. 8 of Republic Act No. 7638 or the Act Creating the Department of Energy states that “no officer, external auditor, accountant, or legal counsel of any private company or enterprise primarily engaged in the energy industry shall be eligible for appointment as Secretary within two years from his retirement, resignation, or separation therefrom.”

Under the Securities and Exchange Commission memo circular No. 2020, an independent director is defined as “not an officer of the covered company.”