Donnie Tantoco’s beautiful eulogy for Lolo Benny’s first anniversary in heaven

It’s been a year since he passed away.

Rica Lopez de Jesus took to Instagram to share a part of Donnie Tantoco’s eulogy for their beloved patriarch Lolo Benny who passed on just a few months after turning 100 years old.

There was a time that Donnie noticed his lolo was furious. “He hardly gets angry so I wondered what was going on,” Donnie said.

“He eventually told me that someone in his community had publicly offended and humiliated him. “How dare he do that!” After all I have done for him! I need to do something, because if I don’t the others in our community will think that I am weak!,” Donnie continued.

Donnie was excited to see his Lolo stand up to the bully in a future meeting but he was surprised that he did not. Donnie shared.

“To my surprise, Lolo publicly spoke to the person without anger. All of a sudden I realized that Lolo did not want to retaliate or “put in his place” a person that offended him. He was trying to convert, win him and not destroy him.”

The moral of the lesson was to not be vindictive in any instance in your life. Because Lolo Benny did not humiliate the “bully,” he instead gained a new friend and ally.

“Lolo taught me not only about pride, he also taught me what it means “to turn the other cheek” and it has nothing to do with cowardice nor being non-confrontational,” Donnie said.

Happy first anniversary in heaven, Lolo Benny!