Not just Jollibee! Several fast food chains also running out of chicken

Is this an indication of a chicken shortage in the Philippines?

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Some netizens over the weekend reported that several branches of Jollibee went out of stock of their bestselling Chickenjoy.

It started with a post by Twitter user @helterskelt3rrr who said that there was no stock of Chickenjoy in branches in the South including Las Pinas and Paranaque.

It seems that the fried chicken shortage is not isolated to Jollibee as certain branches of McDonald’s, KFC, and Mang Inasal are also experiencing the same.

The problem has also been felt by chicken fans in Bicol, Batangas and Laguna.

McDonald’s, other PH fastfood chains faced with French fries shortage

United Broiler Raisers Association president Bong Inciong earlier said there was a recent undersupply of chicken in the local market, largely due to the more expensive but less effective feeds.

Chicken supply falls

He said the public would have to wait for a month or two to see if the problem is just a production glitch or an actual shortage since this is a matter of production, and not manufacturing.

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