Opensignal report shows 5G beats Wifi for download speed and multiplayer mobile gaming in PH

5G reigns supreme when it comes to download speed and multiplayer mobile gaming in the Philippines, according to global mobile analytics firm Opensignal.

A new analysis by Opensignal showed that smartphone users in the Philippines saw much faster download speeds when connected to 5G than when using Wifi.

Filipino smartphone users recorded 138.6 Mbps for 5G download speed, which is 5.3 times and 8.8 times faster than the average download speeds seen when connected to Wifi or 4G, respectively.

Opensignal has also found that 5G delivers a superior experience to Wifi, unlike older 4G which was noticeably inferior to WiFi, for multiplayer mobile gaming.

When it comes to streaming video on smartphones, Opensigal said users in the Philippines likewise had their best experience when connected to 5G, with their 5G video experience 43.9 percent higher on a 100 point scale than their video experience when connected via Wifi.

Opensignal said the quality of the 5G experience shows that the technology has the potential to offer better connectivity inside homes, shops, offices and other locations even where Wifi is already available.

“This new Opensignal analysis shows the arrival of 5G means that cellular connections are no longer always inferior to Wifi,” it said.

“However, Wifi will continue to have an important role — especially when backing up files and downloading large apps due to the low cost of data it provides compared to many mobile plans,” Opensignal added.

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