Angie King unveils her new brand

She has always embraced change.

Angie King has never been private about the changes in her life.

Known as a car enthusiast and married to model Joey Mead, Angie lived in a masculine world. She came out as a homosexual transgender woman who was loved and supported by her partner, friends and family.

This time around, after the pandemic, she has decided to change the way her business operates.

Her properties under Victoria Court will no longer go by that name and will now be known as Hotel Ava.

With the change of name comes also the radical changes Angie will be implementing. For one, the basic salary will be P16,808 with an additional P700 as rice allowance. There will be maternity and paternity leaves and guaranteed 13th month and 14th month pays.

She will also go the more eco-friendly route by minimizing single-use plastics, investing in solar panels, and conserving and collecting water.

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