Enrile claps back at GMA for calling Bongbong a dictator’s son: Bibit Duavit, other ‘owners’ got ‘immensely’ rich after taking over Channel 7 from Bob Stewart  

Former defense minister  Juan Ponce Enrile called GMA News a liar for branding his ex-boss, former President Ferdinand E. Marcos (FEM) a dictator.
The 98-year old incoming chief presidential legal counsel of President-elect Bongbong Marcos (BBM) claimed the truth is GMA’s “owners”, one of whom was an executive in FEM’s administration, actually benefited from FEM’s Martial Law.
In a comment to GMAs online article posted on Facebook, Enrile said:” How can you honestly and correctly say to your public a legal lie that President Ferdinand E. Marcos was a “dictator’? Your characterization is absolutely wrong.”
Enrile explained:”The Marcos’ regime operated under and was guided all  the time without an interregnum by both the 1935 Constitution and 1973 Constitution, which were both crafted by constitutional conventions elected by the Filipino people in a plebiscite by them as a sovereign people in a free balloting procedure. From them, all government powers emanate.”
Enrile was referring to a GMA News article posted on June 27 which stated: “Ferdinand Marcos Jr. , whose dictator father and namesake plundered and brutalized the Philippines…” The story is a profile written by Agence France Presse entitled : “From pariah to president: Marcos Jr takes over Philippines’ top job.”
Enrile reminded GMA that he personally knows that “it benefited immensely” from FEM’s regime.
“You (GMA) acquired during that regime that you say was a dictatorship your TV Channel from Bob Stewart, an American, which was under sequestration by me as Martial Law administrator and from which you acquired immense wealth,” said Enrile.
“In fact, one of your ‘owners’, Gualberto ‘Bibit’ Duavit, son-in-law of former Senator Jose Roy, was an official of that regime working in the Palace. So please (stop) your foolish characterization of BBM as the son of a ‘dictator.’ It is a patent lie!”
In February 2022, retired Justice Antonio Carpio warned that if BBM won as president, he would take back the ill-gotten wealth entrusted by FEM to his cronies including GMA.
GMA is currently controlled by its chairman and CEO Felipe Gozon, director Menardo Jimenez, and president and COO Gilberto “Jimmy” Roy Duavit Jr., Duavit’s son.