Giant Orchid on display at the Manila Hotel

Plantitos and plantitas have one more reason to pay a visit to the Manila Hotel.

In its recent post, the century-old hotel shared that it is showcasing this month a giant orchid that is found only in the Philippines.

According to the Manila Hotel, “Grammatophyllum wallisii,” also known as Tiger Orchid, Century Orchid or the Sugarcane Orchid will greet guests when they walk into the Grand Lobby this month.

“A species endemic to the Philippines, this enormous tropical and sun-loving epiphytic orchid grows up to three meters tall. It belongs to the group of the “Grammatophyllum speciosum” complex, which is recognized as the world’s largest orchid. Uniquely found in southern Luzon and Mindanao island, it does not occur naturally anywhere else in the world. This orchid has a distinctly ivory white color base on its 10cm full form. Its flowers are overlaid with profuse maroon spots, the lip is ruby red as with its flower stalk, and its robust two-meter erect flower spike is chocolate brown. Its flowering season is dependent on the maturity of the plant and triggered by the rainy season,” they said.