Need corporate advice? Joey Concepcion assembles private sector’s version of IATF

Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship Joey Concepcion has formed a panel of health and business experts to help companies navigate the “new normal” amid the waning COVID-19 threat.

The GoNegosyo founder said the advisory group aims “to provide guidance to the private sector on matters of public health and the economy.”

“We’ve seen over the past two years how important it is to have experts from all fields guiding us through the pandemic. Experts have credibility with our citizens, and they give advice based on science and data,” he said.

The first meeting is on Friday, June 24. Among the invited experts are National Task Force Against Covid-19 Special Adviser Dr. Teddy Herbosa, Covid-19 Technical Working Group Chairperson Dr. Nina Gloriani, Vaccine Expert Panel member Dr. Rontgene Solante, UP Manila Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Director Dr. Edsel Salvaña, Philippine College of Physicians President Dr. Maricar Limpin, health reform advocate Dr. Tony Leachon, and OCTA Research fellows Dr. Michael Tee, Prof. Ranjit Rye, Dr. Guido David and Fr. Nic Austriaco,

Veteran economist Romy Bernardo will also sit in the panel alongside Go Negosyo Lead Advisor Josephine Romero.

Concepcion has long been pushing to abandon the nationwide alert level system, and even the easing of the face mask mandate like what happened in Cebu.

“The country is beset with other urgent problems on the economic front, but the fact is, Covid is still very much around,” he said. “We need to find ways so that we save our livelihoods without unnecessarily losing our hard-won victories against the virus.”

“I think it is now time to set a clear path for how the country must transition into a state of normalcy,