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I Can! Studios empowers clients to DIY their best studio snaps


Self portrait studios have become one of the best innovations resulting from the pandemic.

Instead of having a professional photographer snap your photo in a studio setting, you can take them yourself by booking a studio time, and using a remote shutter to take your portraits. The best part, you don’t have to feel conscious about smiling in front of a stranger so you can feel comfortable in striking your best pose.

According to Paolo Cariño and Abi Belisario, creative director and owner of I Can! Studios, a self portrait studio in Davao City, their business model seeks to give the best customer experience by empowering the creativity of the customers.

While it provides a different experience from having a professional direct the poses and implement a creative vision, self photo studios and traditional studios should not be compared.

“Self-photo studios are fun, it’s a nice idea, but we’re from different industries so there can never be a comparison nor a competition . Self-photo studios are meant to be enjoyed, so strike a pose, give the camera your best smile, and cast an empowering energy to give yourself the boost you need for the day, professional photographer Kevin Cayuca Gutierrez said.