Korina Sanchez: I may be a “fab hunter” but not for the Villar network

Korina Sanchez-Roxas denied poaching ABS-CBN talents for ultra bilyonaryo Manny Villar’s new network.

She said that after the news came out, people were approaching her to apply for a job. So as per her press agent’s instruction, Korina drafted and posted a short statement on her Instagram account.

First, she’s thrilled to be called a fab hunter. Second, she may be like Lara Croft but she claimed that she has never raided any workforce to pirate people to work for another network.

Bilyonaryo.com said Korina and her friend Cheryl Favila were reportedly recruiting ABS-CBN staff to sign up for a contract with Villar’s TV station.

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Korina admitted that she did connect with her good friends Cheryl and Maricar Asprec but for a different reason. She asked them if they knew anyone who has no work so she could employ them for her show Rated K.

The TV host also said that she was friends with the Villars and Lopezes but denied speaking publicly about working with the Villar channel.

Korina earlier said she was open to collaborate with anyone who could give her an opportunity.

“So, again, yes I’d like to think I’m a “fab hunter”. But, no, I’m not headhunting for the Villar Network,” she ended her statement.


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