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Globe uses pioneering next generation antennas to boost its 4G and 5G network

Ayala-led Globe Telecom has pioneered the use of next-generation antennas to minimize feed loss and improve energy efficiency.
Globe said it has completed the deployment of a new series of antennas that efficiently enables the acceleration of 4G and the evolution of 5G technology.
Smaller than the traditional design, the antennas make installation easier and faster even on cell sites with limited space, Globe said.
“4G/5G deployment is accelerating and usage is continuously growing. The antenna is important for a network to have greater capacity, accelerate site deployment, have broader and deeper coverage, and achieve a low carbon footprint,” said Joel Agustin, SVP and head of network planning and engineering at Globe’s network technical group.
“Globe is innovating with its vendor partners on the latest technologies available to improve customer experience through efficient 4G/5G network deployment,” he added.