PLDT’s Al Panlilio to scale up customer service game to drive loyalty and revenue amid intensified competition

Providing a reliable and pleasurable customer experience is what will differentiate PLDT from its rivals, according to telco giant’s president and CEO Al Panlilio.
During the company’s annual stockholders meeting Tuesday, Panlilio said PLDT would continue to center on convenience and consumer satisfaction to remain relevant and win customers for life.
He said the telco would not change its course even with the possible entry of new players with the lifting of the 40 percent foreign ownership limit in the telco sector.
The amendments to the 85-year old Public Service Act (PSA) allow foreigners to fully own businesses in major sectors including telco.
“Well, (it) doesn’t change our north star where we want to put the customer in the center of our business,” Panlilio said.
Panlilio stressed that one of the pillars which PLDT has identified moving forward is to have the best customer experience in the country.
“The company is working very hard to achieve that, regardless of what happens in the industry, whether new players come into the market,” he said.
“At the end of the day, customer choice will be essential – the one that offers them the best service. And that’s what we aim for–a company that our customers advocate,” Panlilio said.