Villar loses control of homeowners’ association in his neighborhood as disgruntled residents take over

By Eileen Mencias
Ultra bilyonaryo Manny Villar has effectively lost control of BF Resort Village Homeowners Association (BFRV) in Las Pinas where he lives.
A team, which calls itself Reform BFRV, had been elected on the 11-man board of directors of BFRV to represent the interests of the subdivision’s residents and decide on a range of important matters affecting the neighborhood.
Not one of the previous directors associated with Villar made it to this year’s board.
Three groups vied for control of the homeowners association: Villar’s Vigor, Aksyon BFRV, and Reform BFRV which won all 11 seats during the election held last Sunday.
Reform BFRV started out as a group protesting the building of a bridge from BF Resort in Las Pinas to the Villar Sipag Farm in San Nicolas in Bacoor, Cavite where the Villars also have a helipad.
Euan Toralballa, the candidate who received the most votes, had wanted to join the BFRV board as early as 2020 when one of the directors passed away but the directors then fended him off by not holding an election because of the pandemic.
He then took the matter up to the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development.
This is the first election held by the BFRV since the pandemic.
BF Resort residents have been complaining that the lack of safety measures has led to several instances of robbery.
They have also complained that vehicles have been clogging the roads of the private subdivision.
Other residents took issue with the use of their open spaces and parks which the Villar-controlled Las Pinas City government took over and erected buildings.

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