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Em Aglipay on conquering Everest

Each of us has a personal Everest, according to Em Aglipay Villar.
She humored herself that last May 29 was the “anniversary of the first recorded successful attempt to scale the world’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest,” meaning she faced a challenge and was able to finish it even if everyone thought of it as insurmountable.
“Everest is a symbol, but the truths behind its successful ascent have bearing on the way to approach any of life’s challenges. Your success will be built on the back of failures. Only the delusional expect instant success. Any goal worth striving for will be a difficult one, and more often than not it means you will fail, and fail often. Each time it will hurt, and each time you will despair – but every failure is a chance to learn, to cross out a dead end and find a new way forward,” Em explained what Everest is considered as.