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Lettuce shortage forces KFC Australia to switch to cabbage

First, potatoes. Now, it’s lettuce.
A report by Bloomberg revealed that a lettuce shortage in Australia has forced KFC to get creative and use cabbage instead for their burger products.
This was due to a supply chain disruption caused by heavy flooding in New South Wales which damaged a huge portion of the lettuce crop this year.
The event has contributed to the skyrocketing prices of lettuce in the country, according to customers.
KFC, for its part, announced on its website the shift to cabbage for the time being. Customers can also choose to remove the vegetable from their order if they are not into cabbage.
“Due to the recent floods in NSW [New South Wales] and QLD [Queensland] we’re currently experiencing a lettuce shortage. So, we’re using lettuce and cabbage blend on all products containing lettuce until further notice. If that’s not your bag, simply click ‘Customise’ on your chosen product and remove Lettuce from the Recipe, their instruction said.