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Choi Garden heiress eyes millennial market with HK style cafe

Fresh from the successful soft opening of her new Spanish restaurant PERRO CHIKKO, rising entrepreneur Janica Lao, who is also behind Boba Girl Milk Tea and Beard Papa’s, is already planning the next big step in her foodpreneurial journey.
The daughter of Choi Garden’s Frank Lao, Janica has been steadily building a name for herself in the food business. She is targeting to open another food business — a new Hong Kong style cafe — sometime in the third or fourth quarter.
“Fei Fei aims to bring you back in the 70s where Hong Kong style western culture was famous — efficient, brassy, shrewd but good natured. In a bustling city where people were always on the rush, these “cha chaan tengs” provide chilled refreshments, quick to serve and eat comfort foods at affordable prices,” she shared in an interview.
Janica said Fei Fei is an original concept that will meet the needs of a new breed of customer.
“Given that most of our Chinese restaurants are for gatherings or sit down dining, its nice to have another concept that caters to milenials, people on the rush, etc. Basically, a perfect vibrant space, reminiscent of the good old times and young cultures,” she said.
According to the young and innovative entrepreneur, her team plans to open Fei Fei at Uptown Mall and Molito Alabang.
“The concept of our food combines traditional and western style HK roast meats, dimsum, various meals, freshly baked breads, and chilled refreshments which we normally see in a Hong Kong Tea restaurant when we walk in the streets of Hong Kong,” she said.