Poblacion Taqueria gets massive support after making stand on fair labor

Onlypans Taqueria in Poblacion received a lot of love from patrons after the establishment responded to complaints that it was charging too much for its food.
The restaurant recently spoke up about the complaints it received about its pricing.
“We’re a small business that caters to quite a lot of people in the area. We started with a one man team, turned 2, now 20. Our pricing doesn’t revolve around food costing but also proper labor. We have the right reasons for this. I hope you know that when you eat in our taqueria, you pay for our good food, authentic experience & most importantly – you pay for our talented & skilled chefs. I will say this again & again, if you can respect the medical & legal industries, you can also respect us in the F&B industry,” Onlypans explained.
Onlypans said that they are not against complaints and actually welcome constructive feedback from their customers.
After explaining their side, Onlypans received only positive reactions to their post with 1,200 users leaving likes and hearts.
“Well said! Good food doesn’t come cheap. But not all expensive food tastes good tho. I agree with paying your service and skill, now if that person cannot afford, luto ka ng pancit canton. Now, how can i order from you if I am from QC. ,” Arnold Rhea Rivera Castro said.
“100%!! I agree with you all completely! And I am so stoked that you are taking a stand and being an example for others to follow! I hope I get a chance to visit you all soon! Cheers from Seattle, Washington! Mabuhay!”, Jp Nivera Yost echoed.
“I think your price is quite reasonable. In fact, we were quite surprised sa laki and dami ng servings nyo nung kumain kami nung MDA. We’ve tried birrias that are much more expensive than yours and yet di kami satisfied kasi di masyado masarap and konti servings. We’ll definitely go back when time permits. More power to you guys!,” said Ronaschelle Mae Cenas.
Many more pledged to continue supporting the store for standing up for fair labor.