John, Alvin, Lao holding firm amasses P90M in slumping D&L stock

The Lao family scooped up a sizable amount of shares in their food inputs firm, D&L Industries (DNL), that have dropped close to their 52-week low.
The family-owned Jadel Holdings, which owns 61 percent of DNL bought a total of 12.25 million shares of DNL at a price range of P6.98 to P7.26 from March 8 to 16.
DNL vice chairman John Lao bought 285,000 DNL shares at P7 each on March 15. DNL president and CEO Alvin Lao acquired 30,000 shares at P7.25 per share on March 8.
DNL has plunged close to its 52-week low of P6.95 after peaking at P9.45 at the close of 2021.