Talpakan na! Tolentino wants cockpits reopened to kill e-sabong

Senator Francis Tolentino is counting on the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions to lure bettors away from e-sabong and back to licensed cockfighting operators
In a meeting of the Vice Mayors’ League of the Philippines Tuesday (March 1), Tolentino noted that local governments have little discretion on e-sabong operations.
“I raised this issue because if you will now allow the operations of your local cockpits, hindi po ‘yung tupada, sabungan, it will do away with the operations little by little of online sabong, which has had deleterious effects on our society by now,” he
While the issue must first be clarified with the Inter-Agency Task Force, Tolentino believes the vice mayors – as heads of local city councils – can do their part in veering Pinoys away from e-sabong and towards actual cockfight arenas so that their betting activities can be limited.
Tolentino and 22 other senators have signed a resolution calling for the suspension or online cockfighting operations amid the disappearance of 31 cockfighting aficionados.
The senator welcomed Duterte’s approval of senators’ call to suspend e-sabong operations.
“I’m proud that because of that Senate hearing, the President stopped temporarily the operations of e-sabong,” Tolentino said.