Holdings in Robinson Land tripled: Lance, Robina Gokongwei bag additional P64M from estate settlement

Ultra bilyonaryos Lance and Robina Gokongwei have tripled their personal stakes in the family’s property development arm with additional shares inherited from their lamented parents.

Gokongwei heirs get their inheritance: Lance, Robina, Lisa collect P411M in JG Summit, URC stocks

Lance and Robina received 1.666 million shares of Robinson Land Corp. (RLC) on January 28 after finalizing the estate settlement 26 months after the death of their parents, John and Elizabeth.

Lance, RLC chairman and director, boosted his stake in RLC to 2.471 million shares while RLC director Robina’s holdings swelled to 2.31 million shares.

Overall, Lance has received a total of P208 million worth shares in inheritance (P124 million shares of JG Summit, P52 million shares of Universal Robina Corp., and P32 million shares of RLC) while Robina got P156 million (P124 million shares of JG Summit and P32 million shares of RLC).