JC hailed Health and Wellness Company of the Year at Asia Leaders Awards 2021

JC wins big at the Asia Leaders Awards this year! Hailed as the Health and Wellness Company of the Year 2021, this is the company’s 2nd consecutive recognition from the award-giving body. In 2020,

The Asia Leaders Awards was established to recognize distinctive leaders and organizations in their respective fields. Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, the entrepreneurs behind the JC, expressed gratitude for the recognition.

“With countless brands that are present and have emerged due to the soaring demand for health and wellness products brought about by the pandemic last year, we are extremely honored to have been awarded this recognition. It proves a lot about the quality and caliber of products that we have developed for JC, as well as the service we have provided for Filipinos and the rest of the world,” says Carlito Macadangdang, Vice President and Chief Finance Officer of JC.


JC was established in 2014 as a multi-level marketing company with a focus on health and wellness products. With a lengthy brand list of premier products that include Calvit-C, JC Organic Barley, JC Good Leaf Ashitaba, Glutafit and K-Pads, they now have headquarters in Italy, Qatar, Singapore, Taiwan and Dubai.

In 2020, the company launched their now-famous CopperMask, filling an essential market need during the onset of the pandemic. Through an innovative marketing campaign, the product quickly became viral.

“One of the key successes of the company is our innovative marketing approach. JC, being a multi-level marketing company, was anchored on our eagerness to help people live healthily and, at the same time, earn money. Health is wealth, as they say. But we say, there is ‘wealth in health’,” remarks Jonathan So, President and Chief Executive Officer of JC.

JC continued aggressive expansions in 2021, as other companies and businesses struggled to stay afloat. The company launched additional pandemic-essential products: the fashion-forward ZMask and the FDA-approved, medical grade face mask, CM-KF94.

“We fought hard to overcome and survive during this pandemic. We’re proud to say na wala kaming nag-close na branches ng JC, and we’ve stayed true to being a multi-level marketing company,” says So.

“Awards make us feel like we made an impact on the lives of our distributors to help them through the pandemic. We’re just blessed and grateful na naitawid namin sila up to today,” adds Macadangdang.

JC continues to expand their health, wellness and beauty products with two new launches in the first quarter of 2022. The company steps their wellness game up with their doctor-certified JC 60-Day Programs. The new line includes Cell Detox, Immunity Booster, and Weight Loss Programs.


They also launched the premium skincare brand KIND: a carefully curated, KBeauty-inspired line of products. The collection centers on the Korean concept of consistency and dedication to achieve results.


To learn more about JC and their products, visit https://jcshop.ph/ and follow https://www.facebook.com/officialjcpremiere.

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