Pa-victim ang peg? Berjaya Makati draws flak for last-ditch effort to stop closure order

Netizens saw right through the victim card being played by the management of Berjaya Makati Hotel after the city government ordered its closure for allowing the so called “Poblacion Girl,” Gwyneth Anne Chua, to skip quarantine.

Who let ‘Gwyneth Chua’ out? Berjaya Makati Hotel under probe for allegedly breaking quarantine protocols

The hotel said some 150 of its quarantined guests had nowhere to go if its closure continues. Like the city government, netizens were unmoved by Berjaya’s reasoning.

“Kung hindi napatakas si Poblacion Girl wala naman kayo problema. Marami namang hotel ang compliant sa COVID-19 protocols,” Twitter user @imjaytrabuco wrote.

Sablay na, nagreklamo pa! Berjaya Hotel: No legal basis for Makati LGU shutdown

“Seeing Berjaya Hotel play the victim is hilarious, they were given the privilege to operate and make money but with certain rules. You break the rules, you pay the price,” another user said.

After DOT suspends accreditation, Berjaya Hotel shut down by Makati LGU over ‘Poblacion Girl’s’ quarantine breach

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