From party girl to pariah: La Sallians, close contacts lambast ‘Poblacion Girl’ for quarantine breach

Netizens are having a field day dragging the reputation of one Gwyneth Ann Chua through the mud after she was found to have breached quarantine protocols just to party in Makati—and possibly infecting over a dozen people with COVID-19 in the process.

Who let ‘Gwyneth Chua’ out? Berjaya Makati Hotel under probe for allegedly breaking quarantine protocols

Chua, who returned from a trip to the United States earlier this month, allegedly paid the staff of Berjaya Hotel in Makati to leave the facility even if she had not yet received the results of her RT-PCR test, which was a requirement prior to being discharged.

She eventually tested positive, but not before she partied all over Poblacion. Evidence of Chua’s night out on Tiktok are now being used by the Department of Tourism in its investigation.

Free pass to party: DOT demands explanation from Berjaya Hotel over ‘Poblacion Girl’s’ quarantine breach

A netizen called Chua a “privileged b*tch,” while her schoolmates at the De La Salle University were quick to shame her online for her dangerous misdeeds.

Even broadcaster Shawn Yao is livid as some of her friends were Chua’s victims.