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Maggie Wilson gets denied to spend time with son Connor on Christmas Day

The former beauty queen is ready to fight.

Maggie Wilson took to Instagram to share the sad fact about her Christmas Day.

Apparently, even with her Instagram stories filled with dinner posts from her invited friends, it actually did not go as planned. “ had planned and cooked a beautiful dinner for family and friends with my son over. Unfortunately, I was denied that. Over Xmas eve and Xmas day, I was refused time with my son Connor despite an agreement being made prior. It’s been 48 hours, I didn’t get to open presents with him or even have a meal with him. This kind of situation sadly happens in “certain” families and is seen as “normal,” Maggie wrote.

She addressed those who think she left her 11-year marriage because of another man with “you have no idea.”

“Those reasons will be revealed in time. I have been put through so much over the last 3 months and more so the last few years,” Maggie bravely said.

She can take all the judgment but she’s confident with her vault of truth filled with receipts. Despite everything, she is still staying strong and hopeful to get through all these.

Still, Maggie hinted on a possible danger that could happen to her because of this post. “Lastly, if anything happens to me or anyone close to me, you know where to look,” she wrote.

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