Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala and Lance Gokongwei may be two of the wealthiest men in the country, but like ordinary Filipinos, they can’t get enough of the humble chicharon bulaklak for snacks.

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JAZA invited Gokongwei to bond over chicharon bulaklak with whiskey after the president and CEO of JG Summit Holdings Inc. shared that the cholesterol-rich snack is one of the food he likes to much on.

In a freewheeling conversation on BPI Preferred’s “After Six” vlog, Gokongwei said three of his favorite snacks are made by the family-owned Universal Robina Corp (URC). In particular, he adores VCut for its spice, Piattos Cheese, and Nova for the health benefits.

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After consuming all the healthy Nova Multi Grain, that leaves you some ability to eat chicharon bulaklak –– which is not as healthy but ultra-delicious!” the URC executive said.

JAZA’s eyes lit up at Gokongwei’s answer. “Very good, very good!” he exclaimed.

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“But we have the whiskey later, let’s bring out some chicharon bulaklak!” JAZA said.

Gokongwei loves snacks so much, he said he has a “supermarket stand full” of them in his office.

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