Here’s why Dennis Uy’s Conti’s is facing consumer boycott

Conti’s established its business in recent years as one of the most well loved specialty cake specialists in the country.

However, politics seems to be getting in the way of business as its owner Dennis Uy’s affiliation with President Duterte seems to be driving away customers from the franchise.

In a recent post, RockEd’s Gang Capati said that there are many establishments which offer delicious alternatives to Conti’s speciality Mango Bravo.

Gang Capati ���� on Twitter: "Ang daming alternatives to the Conti's Mango Bravo pala! (mas masarap pa yung karamihan) Nice! Isa-isahin na natin ang buong menu of businesses and alternatives to it. (start Google file) :)" / Twitter

There is also an ongoing Facebook campaign to discourage customers from patronizing Conti’s and other companies owned by Uy.

Instead of big companies, the campaign seeks to channel support for small businesses owned by Filipino bakers instead.