Smart joins gov't in purging spam messages: Global syndicate behind text scams

Smart joins gov’t in purging spam messages: Global syndicate behind text scams

PLDT’s wireless unit Smart Communications is one with the government in combatting the scourge of spam texts.

Smart is backing the move of the National Telecommunications Commission, the National Privacy Commission and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) to investigate and stop the proliferation of text scams.

From October 21 to November 20, Smart blocked an average of 400 to 500 mobile numbers daily.

It has also identified and blocked 40 domains and IP addresses involved in scams which are run by an organized global syndicate.

“As we work tirelessly to ensure the integrity of our own cybersecurity systems, we also encourage our customers to be extremely vigilant and to be on the lookout for these SMS spamming accounts so that we can work with the authorities to prevent these scams and eventually stop these cybercriminals,” said PLDT and Smart president and CEO Al Panlilio.

To protect customers from falling victim to these scams, Smart has embarked on an awareness campaign via its social media accounts.

Mobile users are reminded to not entertain questions or surveys from unknown senders, and to never provide their personal information to strangers.

Smart likewise urged its customers to use their SMS app’s built-in blocking feature.

Mobile users who receive these suspicious and unsolicited SMS may also report the scammers and their numbers direct to the NTC, via

The NTC, after due process, may then order Smart to cut the cybercriminals’ numbers.

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