Mai Mai Cojuangco's biggest life investment

Mai Mai Cojuangco’s biggest life investment

What’s the biggest thing you’ve invested in your life?

Mai Cojuangco took to Instagram to share one of her biggest investments: learn and figure out how to make what she wants to create.

She admitted that she’s not an expert but because she took the time and effort to learn, she still remembers the important basics up until now.

“I bow to the artisans I am fortunate to know and work with, who have dedicated their time and talent to this art for decades. ⚡️,” Mai wrote.

She then talked about the challenge of having a creative business. “Having said that, putting up a business means having to do a whole bunch of things 360°, some of which aren’t creative, others less enjoyable. Last week I decided to make something, and work with my hands again. So I’m thinking here, while I sew, how fortunate I am to have learned to design, cut, pound, paint and sew. It’s a great mental escape to create with your hands. Gratifying too, and therapeutic, if you will. 🙌🏽👜,” Mai shared.

Get inspired by Mai here:

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